A better world is possible.
We believe we can explore it and design it.

Using the tools of Design and Research
we envision and shape the future of…


We need future generations to be more empathic, collaborative, critical thinkers, and creative minds. We believe the learning process and knowledge sharing are crucial in making this happen: for this, we develop programs and tools to support kids and teachers on a global scale.

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Humans are the most important resource in all organisations. With a Human centred approach we lead strategies to help people and organisations to focus on human capital, to implement collaborative processes, to enhance people engagement and satisfaction.

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The issues of marginalisation, social cohesion and use of common resources need communities to become active agents of change. Through collaborative and creative processes we aim to empower communities to face these challenges.

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The new business paradigm asks companies to develop a conscious and sustainable business. Through our approach, we support companies to be innovative and generate winning strategies with a positive impact on company, community and environment.

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Respect for the planet forces us to redesign all aspects of our life. Our projects aim to create a new culture of sustainability to support administrations to design liveable cities and organisations to develop sustainable services and businesses.

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Innovation to be able to face contemporary challenges is a crucial point for the third sector. Our programs help organisations to indagate new opportunities and to support social companies to develop effective and new services and models.

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We truly believe in the mantra “Sharing is Caring”.
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