Project Description

Party – participatory development with the youth, project in collaboration with University of Lapland, University of Leeds, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Namibian University of Science and Technology, and SASI; project founded by Horizon 2020 EU program. This project aims to endorse human development and assist in reducing youth unemployment by increasing the involvement and inclusion of young people in service development in South Africa and Namibia using participatory and explorative service design tools.

The challenges faced by the marginalized youth in developing countries, such as unemployment, are not simple or easily solved. This is influenced by a number of factors including levels of education, gender, self-esteem, geographic location, physical ability and transport. Employment and educational opportunities are two factors which impact on the future success of young individuals. Most of them do not have the necessary formal skills to access employment or to be involved in sustainable development. The project focuses on San youth and young adults (13–24 years of age), especially living in poor or otherwise marginal conditions who either are or face the risk of becoming marginalized. The target groups participate directly in the research project through workshops and social media. Another target group comprises developers of civic organizations and government officials working with the youth.

Project team: Stefano Anfossi, Bilge Ozkan Porro, Fabrizio Pierandrei, Silvia Remotti, Valentina Vezzani, Valentina Salvi, Adrian Larripa Artieda, Nicola De Franceschi, Lucrezia Fratto.

Cape Town, Kimberley, South Africa; Windhoek, Namibia / 2015-2019