Project Description

The Design School for Children


The Design School for Children is a container of initiatives for the development and dissemination of design culture and design methods in the education of children and young teenagers. The project was born in 2014 from the idea of some PACOers, and now we can count more than 30 initiatives completed.

The Design School for Children offers different initiatives (design hackathon, workshops, school programs) addressed to kids, young teenagers, educators and teachers.

The formats proposed have the aim of promoting the development of critical thinking, encourage a different way of learning and facilitate teamwork. The main goal is to let participants get gradually closer to the Design Thinking world. Design Thinking is a method to develop and implement creative processes and critical thinking in order to solve problems. It is a method based on experience, that accepts failure as learning using tools such as research, visualization, critical thinking and teamwork.

The Design School for Children has collaborated with different associations, companies and schools in Europe and in Africa like Muba, SOS children, Rena, HFarm, Alce Nero, Siemens.

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