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How can we help create future office solutions that can enhance people’s well-being, happiness and collaborative instincts?

This question is at the center of PACO’s research path and has been conducted at an international level for over 5 years with SEDUS Stoll AG, a European leader in the office furniture and solutions market.

This research in particular intersects the changes happening in contemporary society, the consequent changes in the world of work and the role of the workspace: supporting new ways of working; promoting the well-being of people; the sustainability of behaviors within companies and workplaces.

The results of this continuous research constitute the contents of a series of activities and initiatives with a focus on:

– Internal growth of a company considering the evolution of the world of work;

– Identification and suggestions for Research and Development of new products, services and strategies;

– Construction of contents for the communication and marketing of the company;

– Sharing the knowledge developed with companies and designers;

The activities carried out are:

– Workshops and meetings inside and outside the company;

– Publication of books;

– Content development for catalogues and websites;

– Trend Monitor (quarterly);

The trend monitor cyclically examines four main themes (well-being, space, processes and technology), each time developing monographic data with specific contents and interpretations.

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