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Ingeteam EV Ultra Fast Charger

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The mobility sector is known for having one of the highest impacts in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability on our planet. The transformation towards a more sustainable mobility sector also passes through the ability to have a distribution system on the territory capable of making energy sources to recharge vehicles usable and accessible. INGETEAM, pioneer and leader in the sector, has developed a range of ultra-fast electric battery chargers (80% load capacity in less than 15 minutes). BigD (a Spanish Design agency) in collaboration with PACO developed the new product RAPID ST400 in all its phases (concept, design and development).

Working in collaboration with the Ingeteam R&D team from the very beginning, the characteristics of use and the technical and production requirements of the new product were defined:

– high usability and interface with users;

– safety standards in all phases of use and production;

– sustainability of the materials used;

– ease of maintenance of the device;

– optimization of the production process;

– engineering of the technical and dimensional requirements of the attachments;

– cost control in the development, production and maintenance of the product.

The Ultra-Fast Charger developed is the most powerful charging system for electric vehicles in Europe to date. The charger is capable of charging (400kW) extremely quickly. The vehicle battery is recharged in 5-10 minutes, a time very similar to that used for conventional refuelling.

The ease of use of the equipment, combined with the technical capacity for fast charging, can effectively contribute to the transition and increased use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

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