Hello dear reader! If you got here, it’s because you are interested in our work, and we are very happy for it. Well, there is nothing better to start this blog than a first article telling you a bit about our history, is there? Let’s get started!

How was it born?

Paco was initially born from a large group of people who used to meet periodically in the evenings, having happy hours to discuss common interest matters, especially on Social Innovation and Collaborative Design.
Naturally, after many meetings, a small group of 12 people (amongst designers, architects, anthropologists and educators) has created an organization called PACO Design Collaborative. The main goal of this association was to be a networking reference, where several professionals could get in touch to propose projects, to develop and/or take part in projects that were already being maturated. Nowadays, after 3 years, PACO has grown a lot and it’s present in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Africa with more than 25 members, kindly called PACOERS.

How does it work?

We are a Design Collaborative, which means a flat and open organization with a no hierarchical structure. A group of people where each one is a leader and a team player at the same time. With a common view on sharing opportunities, risks and knowledge, this Design Collaborative is based on the relationship among individuals, teams and organizations. Our rules are founded on reciprocal respect and aggregating to each other’s ideas while providing cutting-edge solutions to complex problems. By the way, at PACO, working together is the perfect mix of commitment, competence and well-being.

A flat and open organization facilitates a bottom-up, co-creational process, while putting together different approaches instead of using pre-fab and dogmatic solutions. We believe this is the best way to create sustainable values and achieve innovation for real. At PACO, we choose to work only on projects we believe in and that fully respect our values; our efforts to empathize with the challenges we are given and to provide and test the solutions by working side by side with all stakeholders help us to have a different point of view and guide us in our on-field work.

Why creating a blog?

After these 3 years, we have decided to be closer to our public and increase our community by creating a 100% PACO flavor – the VITAMIN P, our brand new Blog! We are going to use it to share all the relevant contents we are interested in, our events, as well as our projects’ goals, process and results with you. We want this blog to be not just a reference for reading, but, also, mainly for discussing innovative subjects, new ideas, projects and social concepts!

Be very welcome to our Blog! Hope you enjoy it as we do!
Bem vindos!

Author: Julia Bertoncello

Illustration: Valentina Vezzani

Proofreading: Isabela Sierra