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Service design tools for stakeholder dialogue and youth empowerment in Africa


The aim of this paper is to present a service model and methods that enable empowerment and action in the context of the San youth. Their stakeholders have an extremely important role in both providing services as well as lobbying for their cause to improve the situation in the local context. When the public service [...]

Service design tools to engage marginalised youth in San Communities of Southern Africa


This paper reports the findings as part of a EU funded project which focuses on the participatory development with the Youth in marginalised communities of Southern Africa. It discusses the advantages of the adoption of Service Design methods in providing self-awareness, engagement and active collaboration among participants. Based on the literature review of Social Innovation, [...]


"New shapes: the new meaning of Design" was the title of the TED talk made by the pacoers Stefano Anfossi and Silvia Remotti. The world of Design that it is traditionally related to products, in the last years expanded also to services and organisations. Design can now play an important role in the social innovation. [...]