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"New shapes: the new meaning of Design" was the title of the TED talk made by the pacoers Stefano Anfossi and Silvia Remotti. The world of Design that it is traditionally related to products, in the last years expanded also to services and organisations. Design can now play an important role in the social innovation. [...]

Discovery days SEDUS

During the Discovery Days of the company SEDUS Stoll AG, PACO team was in charge of one of the 12 stations organised for the event, the one called "Insights, knowledge is power". The participants had to look in to Sedus’s ongoing investigation of the Office World and understand how this can help Sedus’s market development by succeeding [...]

Hi-tech Girls


The workshop was designed to stimulate the girls’ interest on subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, fields that offer several job opportunities but which until today are predominantly masculine. 40 girls, prospective “future engineers”, received an elephant and a sheet of paper in which was requested a solution to transport the elephant from one [...]

Codesign hackaton with rheumatoid arthritis patients


Codesigning new aids for and with rheumatoid arthritis patients and the nurses of Ipasvi Brescia. Hackaton organized by Thinkalize. Project team: Stefano Anfossi, Silvia Remotti, Adrian Larripa Artieda, Chiara Girelli Brescia, Italy / January 2016 With Thinkalize, Ipasvi Brescia, Fab Lab Brescia, Abar

Art Tech Biz mash up


An international workshop that combines creatives, computer scientists, makers and startuppers from Italy, Slovenia and Austria in a Mash-up event to develop new startups. Udine, Italy. Project team: Bilge Ozkan Porro, Stefano Anfossi, Fabrizio Pierandrei, Silvia Remotti Udine, Italy / November 2015 For Friuli Innovazione

Giochiamo il cibo


A workshop for learning the importance of seasonal products and Italian biodiversity, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of the earth's fruits and their transformation. A workshop developed for Alce Nero and carried out at the Biodiversity Park of Expo Milano 2015. Project team: Fabrizio Pierandrei, Silvia Remotti, Alessandro Pierandrei, Jessica Sangiorgio, Bilge Ozkan Porro [...]

Diritti alla terra

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Generate ideas to create new tools of communication, an alternative business model or a new product that becomes a symbol. A food hackathon, that took place in the city of Ferrara in Italy during the festival of the newspaper Internazionale, powered by Alce Nero, Amnesty International and Future Food Institute, Paco facilitated the merging of [...]


The aim of this project is to solve the most common cause of work leave around the world: Stress. The solution is a tool to manage daily stress while improving their quality of life and teaching a relax breathing natural technique. Oblow insure the correct application and learning of this technique with it’s physical product [...]



Sharing is the main value around which PACO was create. We believe in sharing opportunities, tools, risks but primarily knowledge. We are not alone: there's a whole sharing economy out there! People are sharing cars, books, houses improving the way we access to goods and making this world a little more sustainable. Is there a [...]

Hyundai Urban Hitch

Urban Hitch is a project whose aim is to transform the way people move in the city. It is founded on the principles of sustainable mobility and on the geolocation technology available on almost any smartphone and tablet. The system is based on an app through which private drivers can offer a ride to citizens [...]

The Brainstorming Toolkit

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Design isn't just a matter of outcomes but a complex process each phases, which must be handle with great skill. In PACO we study different approaches and methods in order to code them into innovative tools to support the design phases. In the examples above some of our creations for brainstorming we tailor-made for our [...]

Sharing house


The project introduces a new service model in the sector of housing and home care. A service able to answer people’s needs, offering investors a chance invest in a fair economic return and giving the opportunity to work in a new service typology to operators of the third sector. Sharing House offers an integrated system of co-housing and services [...]