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"New shapes: the new meaning of Design" was the title of the TED talk made by the pacoers Stefano Anfossi and Silvia Remotti. The world of Design that it is traditionally related to products, in the last years expanded also to services and organisations. Design can now play an important role in the social innovation. [...]

Kamba courses


Kamba is a social project with the aim of migrants' inclusion thought food. The migrants of Milan have the possibility to participate to Kamba intensive courses where they learn about: Italian culture, Italian language, food preparation an food service. They are followed by different teachers and PACO is one of them. PACO ran a series of training workshops with Kamba [...]

The power of brick


In conjunction with The Art Of The Brick, solo exhibit of the artist Nathan Sawaya, the Design School for Children of PACO Design Collaborative and the association CURE promoted the laboratory entitled "The power of brick". During the workshop groups of 4-5 children and adults designed together their dream city and its compositional elements. The teams were supported by experienced [...]

Party – EU founded project


Party - participatory development with the youth, project in collaboration with University of Lapland, University of Leeds, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Namibian University of Science and Technology, and SASI; project founded by Horizon 2020 EU program. This project aims to endorse human development and assist in reducing youth unemployment by increasing the involvement and [...]

Playful City Jam in Seacroft


Playful City Jams are part of an ongoing research project which hopes to develop design-led tools in order to enhance the active participation of local individuals and communities in the subject of sustainable living and working; as well as enhance a sense of regional community. The research started in 2013 from the collaboration between PACO [...]

Waste and Water in Otjomuise

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A Co-design workshop to tackle local problems with the children of Otjomuise township.Through the application of Design Thinking tools and methods, children identified opportunities and solutions to waste and water issues in their own community. Project team: Valentina Salvi, Lucrezia Fratto Windhoek, Namibia / June 2016 With Mammadù Day-Care Center  

Codesign hackaton with rheumatoid arthritis patients


Codesigning new aids for and with rheumatoid arthritis patients and the nurses of Ipasvi Brescia. Hackaton organized by Thinkalize. Project team: Stefano Anfossi, Silvia Remotti, Adrian Larripa Artieda, Chiara Girelli Brescia, Italy / January 2016 With Thinkalize, Ipasvi Brescia, Fab Lab Brescia, Abar

Namibia Business Innovation Centre


A design thinking workshop in Windhoek for professionals from different backgrounds, to introduce the method and apply the tools on a given subject dealing with current issues the residents face in the city of Windhoek. Project team: Stefano Anfossi, Bilge Ozkan Porro Windhoek, Namibia / June 2015 For Namibia Business Innovation Centre

Collaborare Bologna


A workshop with the aim of building collaborative relationships between the citizens and the municipality of Bologna. The groups were formed by individuals, municipal administrators, associations, community groups, and entrepreneurs. Project team: Stefano Anfossi, Silvia Remotti, Francesco D'Onghia Bologna, Italy / May 2015 With Associazione Quadrante, for Bologna Municipality    

Global Jams in Pamplona

Inspired in jazz music, the Global Jams in Pamplona took place in February and November as it did in many other places around the world. The objective was clear: bring new ideas to make a better world. On friday ideas covered walls in form of post-its and even fly inside balloons. Saturday was the hard [...]

Global Jams in Madeira


Madeira island hosted already several global design jams and since the first one Paco Design Collaborative has been always present to empower jammers and facilitators. The JaminMadeira community has definitely grown after two Global Sustainability Jams (2014and 2015), two Global Service Jams (2015 and 2016) and almost two Global GovJam (2015 and soon the 2016 [...]

Global Jams in Milan


The Jams are an international non-profit volunteer design marathons organized by an informal network of service design aficionados. They collect hundreds of cities and thousands of people around the world and take place three times a year: the GSJ on Service design around March, the GovJam on design of public administration on June and the [...]

Playful city Jam


Playful City Jam is the title of one-day workshop held on the 7th October 2014 at EAFIT University, Medellín, Colombia, within the “Design & Emotion 2014” International Conference. One of the workshop’s aims was to test and evaluate the effectiveness of using Design Jams to engage urban communities, local organizations and designers to co-produce solutions to [...]

Diritti alla terra

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Generate ideas to create new tools of communication, an alternative business model or a new product that becomes a symbol. A food hackathon, that took place in the city of Ferrara in Italy during the festival of the newspaper Internazionale, powered by Alce Nero, Amnesty International and Future Food Institute, Paco facilitated the merging of [...]



Sharing is the main value around which PACO was create. We believe in sharing opportunities, tools, risks but primarily knowledge. We are not alone: there's a whole sharing economy out there! People are sharing cars, books, houses improving the way we access to goods and making this world a little more sustainable. Is there a [...]

Aler Milano


The low living quality in the council houses of Milan is often caused not only by the age of the buildings but also by the poor maintenance of the building heritage. The situation get worse with the public system delays and difficulties of being able to select the best companies able to perform quality work in a short time. The [...]

The Brainstorming Toolkit

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Design isn't just a matter of outcomes but a complex process each phases, which must be handle with great skill. In PACO we study different approaches and methods in order to code them into innovative tools to support the design phases. In the examples above some of our creations for brainstorming we tailor-made for our [...]

Sharing house


The project introduces a new service model in the sector of housing and home care. A service able to answer people’s needs, offering investors a chance invest in a fair economic return and giving the opportunity to work in a new service typology to operators of the third sector. Sharing House offers an integrated system of co-housing and services [...]