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"New shapes: the new meaning of Design" was the title of the TED talk made by the pacoers Stefano Anfossi and Silvia Remotti. The world of Design that it is traditionally related to products, in the last years expanded also to services and organisations. Design can now play an important role in the social innovation. [...]

Let’s design our reading place


The workshop 'Let's design our reading place' took place at People’s Primary School of Katutura, in Windhoek, Namibia. The aim of the workshop was redesign the school library. First we showed them a collection of libraries and spaces for children around the world, in order to let the children get inspired. Then it followed a brainstorming [...]

Dire, mangiare e progettare


Stefano from PACO was one of the designers who took part in the "Dire, Mangiare e Progettare" project. Main aim of the project was to co-design with the children of an elementary school,  the canteen of their dreams. 2 days workshop have been organised during the school class in which the children designed and prototyped [...]

Hi-tech Girls


The workshop was designed to stimulate the girls’ interest on subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, fields that offer several job opportunities but which until today are predominantly masculine. 40 girls, prospective “future engineers”, received an elephant and a sheet of paper in which was requested a solution to transport the elephant from one [...]

The power of brick


In conjunction with The Art Of The Brick, solo exhibit of the artist Nathan Sawaya, the Design School for Children of PACO Design Collaborative and the association CURE promoted the laboratory entitled "The power of brick". During the workshop groups of 4-5 children and adults designed together their dream city and its compositional elements. The teams were supported by experienced [...]

O Nosso Mar – Madeira


O Nosso Mar workshop was hosted by Atelier Gatafunhos of Funchal (Madeira) and organised in collaboration with Azul Diving Center. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Ester and Giulia, two young and energetic marine biologists, the kids participated to the collective mapping of the Madeira island marine ecosystem. They learnt about local species as [...]

Jam 4 kids at RENA festival


PACO brought the Jam with kids also at the RENA festival 2016!! This time we asked to the kids to redesign and improve experiences in the neighborhood and transform it into a better place to live. The process includes identifying opportunities and wishes to create better solutions through service design tools and team work among the [...]

Dolomiti Digital Camp


Dolomiti Digital Camp is a long week workshop merging technology and design methodology with 8-15 yo children and teenagers. The aim of each team was to re-imagine a specific place within the Ex-Villaggio Eni in Borca di Cadore designed by Edoardo Gellner in late 50s, enhancing a greater regeneration of the space and identifying potential [...]

Our Garden


Which is the most important place in a children's village? The garden! This time we asked to the kids to re-design the garden of their village, it's spaces and rules. Project team: Julia Bertoncello, Silvia D'Ambrosio, Silvia Remotti, Valentina Salvi Saronno, Italy / July 2016 For SOS Children village Saronno

My book in 2999


How will books look like in 2999? A group of kids from a public school in Katutura township found an answer. A co-design workshop to put into practise design tools and methods, creating stories and encouraging kids to read. Moses Van Der Byl Primary School, Katutura, Windhoek, Namibia. Project team: Valentina Salvi, Helvi Wheeler Windhoek, [...]

Super Objects


A co-design workshop to re-imagine everyday life objects like pillow, toothbrush and schoolbag. Even familiar objects we interact with every day can be designed to surprise us with unexpected features, turning our day into a better one. SOS Children, Windhoek, Namibia. Project team: Valentina Salvi, Massimiliana Odorizzi Windhoek, Namibia / April 2016 For SOS Children

Waste and Water in Otjomuise

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A Co-design workshop to tackle local problems with the children of Otjomuise township.Through the application of Design Thinking tools and methods, children identified opportunities and solutions to waste and water issues in their own community. Project team: Valentina Salvi, Lucrezia Fratto Windhoek, Namibia / June 2016 With Mammadù Day-Care Center  

Exploring prototyping techniques


A workshop to explore prototyping techniques through a selection of different materials. Children were free to prototype an object of their choice, presenting their work at the end, specifying object function and features. The workshop has been held at Tilovayeni Care Foundation, Day Care in Katutura, Windhoek, Namibia. Project team: Valentina Salvi, Massimiliana Odorizzi Windhoek, [...]

Cool school

A workshop to redesign and improve the school experience, identifying wishes, challenges, opportunities and expectations by kids about education. From the brainstorming of ideas to the physical prototyping of it, using a learning by doing approach. The workshop has been held at Mammadu Trust, daycare in Otjomuise, Windhoek, Namibia. Project team: Silvia Remotti, Valentina Salvi Windhoek, [...]

My special book


What’s more important for learning then a good book to read? This time PACO team went to the public school of Katutura to enable the kids of an entire class, become designers for one day. During the workshop they had to think and then realize the book of their dream, without forgetting the creation of [...]

Mortadella BO

A workshop to reinvent Mortadella, a classic product of the Italian gastronomic tradition, trying to imagine what it (as well as food in general) could look like in the future. A creative exploration of shape, texture, flavor, color and context of use of the Mortadella, starting from a series of interviews with people of all [...]

Amazing reading


A workshop for primary school children held in the Amazing kids academy in Windhoek. The aim of the workshop was to render the reading experience more exciting. The children were asked to redesign the reading experience and make a mock-up of where and how it would take place. Project team: Bilge Ozkan Porro, Stefano Anfossi, [...]

Native tribal languages

A workshop held in a school for the San children in Epukiro. The aim was to show the importance of preserving the stories of their native tribal languages. The children told stories in their languages and brought them to life through drawing and clay models. Project team: Bilge Ozkan Porro, Stefano Anfossi, Helvi Wheeler Epukiro, [...]

Junior Design Lab


The Junior Design Lab, a workshop with the aim of redesign a daily life experience through a process that stimulates for collaboration, idea generation, dexterity and for the ability of describing and illustrating projects. The workshop took place at MUBA (MUseo dei BAmbini) during the Milan WAVE festival 2015. Project team: Fabrizio Pierandrei, Silvia Remotti, Marzia Liberatore, [...]

Giochiamo il cibo


A workshop for learning the importance of seasonal products and Italian biodiversity, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of the earth's fruits and their transformation. A workshop developed for Alce Nero and carried out at the Biodiversity Park of Expo Milano 2015. Project team: Fabrizio Pierandrei, Silvia Remotti, Alessandro Pierandrei, Jessica Sangiorgio, Bilge Ozkan Porro [...]

Children Design Jams in Madeira


The global jams in Madeira have always been an opportunity for Paco to collaborate with the Atelier Gatafunhos in Funchal to involve children from 5 to 10 years old to ideate solutions for real problem together with the “adult-jammers”. During the Madeira Service Jam 2014 and 2015 and the Madeira Sustainability Jam 2015, the jammers [...]

Children Design Jams in Milan and Bologna

The Children Design Jam is a mini workshop project for children from ages 6 to 11, dedicated to entertain, educate, raise awareness among both children and parents towards education in design. Children worked in groups of 3-4 and were asked to rethink or re-discover some of the objects or experiences of everyday life (such as [...]

Happy veggie


How could we persuade children to eat vegetables and fruits? To reply to this question we developed a program based on a gaming approach. Tested in primary schools, students were asked to give extra powers to superheroes, drawn by them, by eating healthy food: do you want a superview?!? Just eat blackberries and carrots! Happy [...]

Kids Love Design


A service design workshop for children in collaboration with Media Dizajn and MUBA. The event took place during the 3rd edition of international Kids Love Design festival in Europe, conducted for the first time in Italy. The workshop was held in conjunction with Szczecin, Poland. Children were asked to redesign the dentist appointment experience using [...]

Pinksie the Whale


Starting from the story of Pinksie, a pink whale who is afraid of the dark, 21 children from an elementary school in Milan designed photo-luminescent lamps to help the pink whale defeat the fear of darkness. Project team: Fabrizio Pierandrei, Stefano Anfossi, Bilge Ozkan Porro, Silvia Remotti, Serena Ballabio Milan, Italy / May 2014