Project Description

An educational program that supports children in designing a new start up for the province of Bologna. They start designing an innovative product and around that they define a business plan and a communication strategy. The program has been developed for the middle school classes of Bologna district and it has been run during 2016-2017, 2017-2018 – and we are ready for the third season. The project run from September to May in the afternoon classes (two hours for each class). The methodology used is Design Thinking, an approach able to develop and implement creative processes and critical thinking to solve problems of different nature. It’s a method that teach through the experience, that accept the challenge as a moment of learning and that educate the value of sharing. At the end of the program all the students presented their projects to friends and parents during an open fair.

Project team: Francesco D’Onghia, Massimo Giacchino, Clara Giardina, Benedetta Marotti, Simone Zuppiroli.

Bologna / from September to May s.y. 2016-2017,  s.y. 2017-2018

With: Fondazione Golinelli

For: Confindustria Emilia