Project Description

Sharing is the main value around which PACO was create. We believe in sharing opportunities, tools, risks but primarily knowledge. We are not alone: there’s a whole sharing economy out there! People are sharing cars, books, houses improving the way we access to goods and making this world a little more sustainable. Is there a better way to teach this culture to children and adults than using a game? That’s why we conceived “Sharopoly” – as opposite to the “own-own-own” of Monopoly. A game soon available for free download here.

Project team: Fabrizio Pierandrei, Stefano Anfossi, Bilge Ozkan Porro, Silvia Remotti, Giorgio Campo, Emanuela Delfino, Yara Al-adib, Marzia Liberatore, Valentina Vezzani, Dario Monetini, Valeria Grauso.

Milan, Italy – May 2013