Project Description

Milano is an open, international and welcoming city that, in its history, has been proposing itself as Italy’s economic and cultural engine thanks to migration. This is the concept around which Ricetta Milano has been developed. An extraordinarily long table – set at the heart of Parco Sempione on 23 June 2018 – meant to welcome all the flavours and the ingredients of Milan. Every Milanese (of birth and “adoption”) has been invited to share their childhood favourite dish, so that they could recount themselves and listen to each other, activating a process of intimate exchange. The “Schiscetta”, iconic lunch box from the Milanese economic boom, has been chosen to symbolise this event, seen that it represents part of Milan’s history and social processes. Paco supported Kamba association that, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and with the help of hundreds of citizens, produced the event. In particular, we focused on the definition of the User Experience and the Service Blueprint of the event and we managed volunteers’ training.

Project team: Silvia Remotti, Stefano Anfossi, Giulia Stringa, Siresia Bagnoli

Milan / June 2018

For: Kamba and Comune di Milano