Project Description

The workshop was designed to stimulate the girls’ interest on subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, fields that offer several job opportunities but which until today are predominantly masculine. 40 girls, prospective “future engineers”, received an elephant and a sheet of paper in which was requested a solution to transport the elephant from one part of a vail to another without dropping it. The girls were separated in groups and with the support of some facilitators or physics, engineering, math specialists, they were followed during elaboration and execution of a solution. The groups have worked using Design Thinking Methodology: starting from the analysis of a physics and engineering challenge, the kids formulated questions, collected information, elaborated hypothesis and developed their solution, to the point they were able to present it to the public.

Project team: Silvia Remotti, Julia Bertoncello, Elena Marengoni, Silvia D’Ambrosio, Cecilia Magatti

Location/date: Milan / 11th March 2017

For SIEMENS Italia, With JA Italia