Project Description

The Children Design Jam is a mini workshop project for children from ages 6 to 11, dedicated to entertain, educate, raise awareness among both children and parents towards education in design. Children worked in groups of 3-4 and were asked to rethink or re-discover some of the objects or experiences of everyday life (such as heavy school bags, the first day of school or a new subject) attained through a fun and engaging process with manual activities and interaction within the children. The Children Design Jam is held in conjunction with the adult Global Design Jams.

Project team: Francesco D’Onghia, Fabrizio Pierandrei, Stefano Anfossi, Silvia Remotti, Bilge Ozkan Porro, Marzia Liberatore, Giorgio Campo, Valentina Vezzani, Simona Cavalieri, Clara Giardina, Cecilia Masini

Milan, Italy – Bologna, Italy / From 2014, twice a year