Professional story

I am a PACOer expat to Portugal, to be precise to Madeira island. I moved here two years ago to work at the University of Madeira as assistant professor in Design, and I brought with me the PACO flag that I proudly wave in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

After a master degree in product & service design at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, I decided to work at the Colour Lab of Polimi and collaborate to some fascinating researches about colour perception. At the same time I was tutor at some Final Synthesis Product Design studios and there I developed my passion for design education. In love with research and colour, I dedicated three years to a doctorate in Colour education… yes, call me Doctor!

My research horizons expanded to other themes when I moved to the University of Leeds, UK, for one year as research fellow at the Design School. I started to focus more on social innovation, design thinking in informal learning environments, and design jams.

Today I teach to my students to be collaborative and responsible for what they design. I involve them in global events like Global Design Jams ( @jaminmadeira ), but also work with and for local communities to understand the potentials of Design in a small piece of land like Madeira where challenges and opportunities to innovate are various!

Ah! I cannot forget to say that in the last few years one of my most favourite passions has become like a second profession! I love to drink coffee and illustrate my daily life thoughts. Thanks to my TinasWanderings facebook page I have been proposed to collaborate with Ottagono magazine to illustrate the editorial. Today I have a list of projects and collaborations that – fingers crossed – should become tangible soon!

Why I'm a Pacoer

I am in Paco because since the beginning of this project, I believe in the power of collaboration especially to tackle important and complex society challenges. In my opinion, the design practice cannot be based on individual work, instead on a mutual exchange of knowledge and skills. I see as necessary to create a culture of collaboration and share a system of values which can foster creative-critical way of thinking and sustainable way of living. I find all these things in Paco!