Professional story

I am an architect and designer graduated from Politecnico di Milano. In my search path I try to join the constant observation of contemporary reality and its dynamics, with a passion for innovation and experimentation. Since 2001 I’m partner of PierandreiAssociati behavioral Designers & Architects and I’m engaged in various fields of interest of the company, from architecture to interior design, from product design to services. In 2013 I have been founder of PACO collaborative design where I explore the potential of design and education to promote and encourage social innovation, sustainable behaviors and new business opportunities more sustainable in terms of social, economic and environmental impact. From 2014, I am in Arteprima (non profit association) and member of the Executive Council – Milan and Director for Architecture and Design projects. In Arteprima I investigate through the projects and initiatives of the association, the synergy between art and design in order to develop knowledge, and promoting social inclusion.

Why I'm a Pacoer

because are not changed just the themes and subjects where is necessary and helpful  apply design, but also the way in which we do design. To be the designers of the new paradigm is necessary to be curious, open minded, inclusive and working in a collaborative way to share, knowledge, ideas, opportunities, risks, contacts, dreams and passions. if I’m alone I can do just one thing well, together we can do many things well.