Professional story

I am an engineer – teacher of mathematics. My goal is trying to make the discipline a means, rather than the final goal, in order to reach to a true and real learning: learning to learn, learning to know and learning to know ourself.

At the same time I dedicate myself to artistic activities such as painting, photography, serigraphy, cyanotype, xylography.

Finally, I am vice-president of the association called MENOPERMENO, which organises meetings, activities and laboratories in order to provide support to psychological diseases using art as instrument of investigation and self-knowledge tool.

Why I'm a Pacoer

Why am I a Pacoer? Because I believe that in order to change things we must be the change. Education is something fascinating, extremely complex, that requires constantly new ideas, new perspectives, new experiments, new visions but at the same time a lot of sacrifice, concreteness, a lot of reality. This is the direction towards where I am traveling along with with PACO.