Professional story

Silvia Remotti, co-founder of PACO, graduated in Product Service System Design at Politecnico of Milan. Working in low income contexts it has been always her passion: in the year 2010 she has started volunteering in a daycare of Nairobi and the following year she moved in South Africa where she found the possibility to design and implement a sustainable mobility system for the low income suburbs of Cape Town. Back in Italy with other 11 people she has founded PACO Design Collaborative. In PACO she has continued to work for low income contexts taking part in the project PARTY (Participatory Development with the Youth). For PACO she also co-organize and facilitate private service design workshops and programs for companies & service design workshops for children. While working with PACO, she has also tutored at Politecnico of Milan for the course of Innovation Design Studio, Design for Sustainability and System design for sustainability (MSc Product Service System Design).

Why I'm a Pacoer

Because if we really want to change our society through design we can’t do it alone, because is the best place in which you can find amazing professionals with your same view of what design should do for the society, because is a non hierarchical organisation that gives to everybody the possibility to participate, and of course because the joy of achievement is always better when shared 🙂