Professional story

Hi everyone! I’m an enthusiastic designer o(ʘωʘ)o
Creativity, curiosity and…post-its are my guidelines in everything I do!
I graduated in Design and Communication in 2014, at Seconda Università Degli Studi of Naples and I’m facing now the final challenge of the Master Degree in Product Service System Design at Politecnico of Milan. In the last two years I had the opportunity to explore the methodologies and tools of design with a particular interest in its application in the world of children.

Why I'm a Pacoer

I work really hard and I’m not afraid in challenging myself with new experiences and tasks. Thus, the infinite nuances of design have always attracted my attention and ambition.
I really would like to share with the Paco Community as much as we can learn from each other, from any different background: graphics, products, interactions, communications, marketing and so on. I love swimming, sketching, photography and… what else, ah! I’m a stationery and toys addicted! I would like to bring my passion, enthusiasm and little expertise in photography and design approach, especially regarding the amazing world of children. A world in which there are so many opportunities and challenges I want to find out. I would like to achieve this goal with people who have the same passions as mine in order to improve my own capabilities but at the same time to learn new ones.