Professional story

My name is Sara Alonso and I am actually an Industrial Designer at Larripa Studio and an Associate Professor at Creanavarra in Pamplona, Spain.  Even if my background is Industrial Design Engineering, my commitment to society, work experience and self-learning make me understand design as a much wider and changemaking concept.

As for my professional experience, I am young but I have always been very active and curious. During my career I did 5 internships: 2 in China (one in a company and the second one in a studio for my final thesis), a company that works for IKEA furniture systems, a design studio and a entrepreneurship project in a multidisciplinary team with people from 5 different universities.

Once graduated, I started working as an Industrial Designer in Larripa Studio where I am currently working and dreaming.

In parallel with my professional career,  I have a sport career. I competed in individual figure skating for 10 years, competed and be a captain in an Ice Ballet team for 4 years, be a judge and technical specialist for 5 years, acted in a Skating Show Tour and actually I am a figure skating coach.

Both of my passions as well as my interests made me love learning, exploring and communicating, either an idea, a movement or a whole project.


Why I'm a Pacoer

I decided to join Paco because I  believe in the power of collaboration and I share with Paco and Pacoers the passion of making this World a better place to live in though design. Understanding design as a way of thinking, doing and living.