Professional story

I started my professional path at the department of electronics of university of Padova where I managed the IT department. This gave me in 1995 a chance to start building the first blocks of the Web including from very beginning tools that enabled people to co-create the content rather than being mere consumers. This passion developed into a new profession as user experience and information architecture designer for projects ranging from small business to government agencies to international companies. The interest for the topics led me to organize national events, take part as speaker to different conventions and as teacher for companies, public institutions and universities. As the digital and physical worlds started to integrate more and more I realized the need to broaden the scope of the projects with a more holistic approach as that offered by design thinking and service design methodologies. I’m a strong believer on the changing power that the involvement of the people and design can have on companies and society. I manage my 16 years old company and a co-working space in the area where I live.

Why I'm a Pacoer

When I first met Paco I thought: “These guys have the same values and interests that are the more important to me. I should join them!”. I believe that the union of our skills, sensibilities and real commitment to a sustainable change will lead us the impact our society needs.