Professional story

Hello! I am Lucrezia, a service designer with a passion for solving entrenched social issues. I have always been interested in exploring the way design affects people’s daily life and how it can change their behavior and habits toward a better ones.

Over my university time at the Politecnico di Milano School of Design, I have been working as Milano Design Film Festival event coordinator for three Festival editions, so that I then decided to develop a research thesis for my Master of Science in PSSD, experimenting on the event transformation in a participatory festival and on service design application to the event design.

I then started working in different innovation projects in the field of healthcare, education and banking, and what I have understood is the I really love to be in the field and to look for great insights than enable me to design service that people will follow in love with. That is what I aim to as service designer.

I love working in multicultural and open-minded environments while challenging myself in different work fields to experiment how design can make the current and future world better.

Why I'm a Pacoer

Because PACO provides members a space for sharing and participating, values that I believe are basics of designers’ work. I do believe in confrontation as value for personal and professional growth. Furthermore PACO represents a source of inspiration and helps me be up to date also out of the work but especially, being a PACOer means being part of a great family that knows how to have fun!

I joined PARTY (Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth) as the opportunity to take part of social innovation-related project, that leverages on participatory design by the encounter of different cultures and I am part of the Design School For Children.