Professional story

I was born in Brazil where I lived for 22 years and graduated in Product Design by Univille. During college, I grew an interest in Service Design, which led me to choose my Final Course Assignment focused in the new seniors consumer profile. After 4 months of qualitative researches, I developed a Product-Service System to improve the life quality of new seniors, motivating relationships among people from this age range according to their interests and hobbies.

I also worked for 2 years at Whirlpool Latin America – Brazil. Throughout this time, I specialized in User Experience Design, applying many qualitative and quantitative research tools with customers, doing analyses of those researches and helping other design teams to develop products adapted to customer needs.

My goal is to become more specialized in Service Design, to keep studying and working in this field.

Why I'm a Pacoer

Because PACO is a real collaborative group that gives me the opportunity to be in touch with people that share the same values as me. I am a great fan of social innovation, collaborative design and shared economy, and when I saw I had the chance to develop projects in such areas, I realized I was at the right place.