Professional story

Hi everyone! I’m Fred, an activist and social designer ūüôā
Graduated in Communication Design at PoliMi, my first love was RUN BVS, a borderline designers’ collective I co-founded in April 2011. After that, I co-founded Bilobo, a strategy consultation and branding studio, where I worked till September 2016: we believed in the power of imagination and we have been following different realities since 2013.

At the moment I’m collaborating with some different cultural realities in Italy and I’m working by myself¬†to¬†help people start their own business and realise their life dreams¬†by using¬†my creativity and my contacts- using imagination to find new ways that haven’t been¬†considered before. But the most important thing that I’m currently¬†part of is Think Together, an experimental project about education. We strongly believe that by¬†changing our educational methods we can build a better future for everyone. I’m working on Think Together with beautiful people and teammates thanks to Combo, a non-profit cultural association that I have been the president of¬†since February 2015. Combo’s goal is to contribute to the progress of our society by spreading the fundamental values of empathy, culture and realistic optimism.

Why I'm a Pacoer

As you can see from my Professional story i’m moved by the same values and goals i found in PACO. When i met the PACO’s Family for the first time, i felt immediately home: all of them are really warm and kind and everyone puts great attention on human needs, something that is not always granted everywhere. I hope to help PACO to grow up and reach their (mine) goals.