Professional story

Francesco (Italian. Born in 1985. Currently based in Bologna) is a designer by vocation. He is a curious explorer and he is radically inspired by the diversity and the complexity of people.
He strongly believes in education as an opportunity for social development and the promotion of rights and potentials of humans. And, as a Design Thinking Educator, he firmly believes that imagination has a key role in education, he truly trusts creativity of people, he knows the freeing power of inventing something new.
He works also as a Design consultant and he is focussed in leading companies to challenge their mindset and developing novel products and services based on a deep understanding of people, their needs and their desires.
He likes to get his hands dirty. He likes to build, to glue, to polish. And he likes to destroy and to start again with new knowledge.
He also loves telling stories through videos, he loves it a lot.

Besides being proudly a Pacoer, Francesco today is coordinator of Design Thinking Global Education Programs at UniMoRe (collaborating with Stanford, Cern Geneva, Paris, University of St.Gallen, etc…) where he also does research on new educational approaches to cultivate creativity, curiosity and sense of the possible in young engineers. He is also academic coordinator at Food Innovation Program, applying Design Thinking to Food Innovation.

Why I'm a Pacoer

First and foremost: I embarked on this adventure and co-founded Paco Design Collaborative because it is a community of like-minded crazy people with which I enjoy working together and sharing passion for design and education.

In Paco, I focus in developing Design as an education tool for kids, since I truly believe it is a powerful way to tackle the XXI century challenges of the global school system.