Professional story

I’m an architect and I began my career with Renzo Piano, with whom I worked until 1994.

When I decided to open a new practice, Pierandrei Associati, I wanted to promote a holistic approach to the Architecture which disregards the boundaries between design fields, gathers methodologies and tools from different disciplines and fosters the necessity of cutting edge research on technological, social and behavioral features.

The approach I applied in all my projects is the “behavioral design” one, which is related to a clear understanding of the final users, their needs and desires. At that time, the emerging discipline of Service Design was the one more focused on developing methods to understand, frame and develop people interactions, so I dedicated myself to it.

Out of my professional experiences I was call by the Politecnico di Milano, first in the Faculty of Interior Design and since 2005 in the Master Course of Product Service System where I’m in charge of the Final Synthesis Design Studio.

Why I'm a Pacoer

Probably I should start saying that I was one of the founder: in my opinion the idea of matching design and education and to consider the design thinking not only as a way of “thinking” but a basic skill for the individual of the present and the future is  at the core of my interest in proposing PACO at a community of people already sharing some common view on our profession.

I deeply think that design is a driver of change: it is to us to decide if we want to use it to simply create more customers or to empower people to drive the society toward a more sustainable future.