Professional story

I graduated at Politecnico of Milan in Product Service System Design with a thesis project focus on the implementation of a sustainable mobility system in low-income Cape Town suburbs in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano University, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and several local NGOs.

Since I graduated, I tutored for the courses ‘Innovation Studio (ENG)’, ‘Design for Environmental Sustainability (ITA)’ and ‘System Design for Sustainability (ENG)’. Since January 2013, joined the Design and Innovation for Sustainability (DIS) research group of the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano as Research Fellow. During this period I worked on several projects, but in particular on the LeNSes – the Learning Network for Sustainable energy systems, EU-funded project, which is a multi-polar and open network for curricula and lifelong learning capacity development focused on System Design for Sustainable Energy for All, with a special focus on Africa. Find more details on Within the LeNSes project I have collaborated to design and implement different courses in 4 African Universities (project partners).

Out of my professional experience I am collaborating with Engineering without Borders Milan, particularly on a project to improve the conditions of Indian farmers implementing a renewable energy system to ensure them stable and safe irrigation.

My main interest and passion is to research and design service systems that are founded on the equity and respectfulness for people and the environment.

‘When we fight for the environment, we must remember that the essential element of the environment is called human happiness’. Speech by José Mujica Cordanoin the Rio +20 summit, 20/06/2012

Why I'm a Pacoer

I saw PACO born, and I have always thought that I had to be part of it and finally in January 2016 I made it official!

I joined PACO because I think it is the right place to share dreams and projects to make them come true.