Professional story

I have grown up with fascination for anything that was ‘creative’ in its broader sense : I’ve always loved to ‘make things happen’, tinker, work on small personal creative projects (make a lot of mess in the kitchen…). I have approached design studies with a lot of enthusiasm and little idea about where I was going to end up doing, so I just kept the door open for new opportunities to come and get me. Lucky encounters with passionate and inspiring people together helped me to find my path, steer, wander off-track to explore something new. I found out that what I love the most in design is being ‘in field’ to really get to understand things first-hand and to ensure that whatever gets designed reflects people’s real needs. This is what I do as a design researcher. Within this frame, working with kids and designing for them is my greatest passion: there is so much to learn about the world and ourselves as well! As a child once told me: “You are here because we know a lot of things!”. She couldn’t have been more right.

Why I'm a Pacoer

What I love about PACO is the possibility it gives people to be proactive, to really start from their passions and develop something real. It has the approach of a professional organisation and the love of a family. At the core of this lies a special attention for the impact that projects have on society and the value that they convey.

Within PACO, my commitment is especially towards the project of The Design School for Children: browse this website to find out more of what has already been done! 🙂