Professional story

Curious and creative, my main focus as Designer is on project&education as means to create social innovation, sustainable behaviors and new opportunities. I’m interested in innovation, new tech, collaborative and eco design. Specialized in kids and toy design,  I teach (learn!) as lecturer at University of Bologna, Industrial Design Course. I love ceramic and little things (I have self-produced a raku collection for table dressing, called “Cunzata” for D-Hand project, aiming at valuing the local excellences of artcraft through a modern design approach.).

As educator and Pacoer I use design thinking  and  human interaction to redesign everyday objects and experiences. I work with ilVespaio – a professional network that works on eco-design and sustainability at 360°- and Zero in Condotta – creating labs to realize old toys for children.


Why I'm a Pacoer

Because of the funny and collaborative mood, the sharing approach, the common interests with other people and the strong differences. Because of the common crazy idea that is still possible to change ourself and the world, step by step.