Professional story

Design is my passion and my vocation. Since the 80’s I’ve been trained as an architect working with Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Arup Associates. Since then I became more and more focused on strategic approach in architecture, interior and product design by encouraging innovation through social and environmental awareness.

I’m convinced that design cannot be limited to satisfy functional and formal aspects only: I rather believe design is a mayor tool to reframe problems and to find overlooked solutions. Within my practice we investigate people’s behaviour to ensure that each project focuses on human-centred solutions and social innovation. In these years I’ve been investigating how this approach is modifying architectural fundamentals and how stakeholders involved in the design and building process can re-invent the role of design engaging user needs in a more comprehensive vision of a social, environmental and economical sustainability.

Why I'm a Pacoer

To be a member of Paco it’s a great opportunity for me to further explore potential of design. My personal interest and contribution in the Collaborative is to investigate how service design can influence architecture and how it can generate new opportunities and new sustainable models for the environment we live in, with a particular focus on the urban environment.