Professional story

I believe in making things happen, that’s why I studied Industrial Design and Engineering in Spain. I have always wanted to learn how to build things, but not just anything, things that had a meaning for people and society. Things that could bring a piece of knowledge and culture to the world we live in…

While studying a Master Degree of Innovation at Politecnico di Milano I understood that those “things” could be much more relevant than just products and cool technology. I understood that through a “design minded” approach to innovation new fields of designed were an extremely valuable tool for having a direct impact on human behaviour.

Service Design, Social Innovation and Strategic Design among other terms were so appealing to me, that when combined with new ways of conceiving our profession like open and collaborative approaches, made me fall in love with PACO Design philosophy.

CoFounder at Paco Design Collaborative / Founder at LarripaStudio Design and Innovation / Associate Professor at University of Navarra / Associate Professor at Creanavarra

Why I'm a Pacoer

For me PACO represents, as its slogan says, “new worlds of opportunities”. It’s an international community that shares knowledge, visions, skills and passions with a distinctive design perspective. I am in PACO because PACO is in me 😉