The most recent PACOER to join our group is the industrial designer Sara Alonso from Pamplona, Spain. Check out this interview to know a little more about her! 🙂

1. How did you know about PACO and why did you decide to participate to the first design collaborative?

I heard about PACO at the first day I entered in the studio I work currently (bigD Design That Matters). Adrian Larripa, one of the co-founders of PACO and the founder of bigD, explained me what PACO is all about and I was sure that it was what I was looking for. I have always wanted to “change the world” through Design but before PACO I didn’t know how to enter in this world, I remember myself searching in google “design, social, NGO, volunteer.. ” so when Adrian introduced me to PACO (thank you for doing so) there was no doubt I wanted to be part of it.

2. What’s for you social innovation?

I like to define Social Innovation as the act of making a positive impact in our own “micro world”, which size depends on our influence and commitment. Starting with our own actions, trying to spread it to the ones around us and doing it in a bigger scale through projects and collaborations with people who share our values and dreams (as PACOERS do).

3. Could you describe one of your typical working day?

In bigD Design That Matters we work on very different projects depending on the clients and it’s market needs. Therefore, their duration vary from 2-month to 1-2 year projects. We offer 4 services depending on the outcome: bigD Industrial (products), bigD Experience (Service and UX), bigD Innovation (Strategy) and bigD Mentoring (collaborative workshops, talks, etc). Independently on the project nature, our collaborative and user-centered approach make us work hand by hand with the different stakeholders involved in each project (client, final users, experts, etc).

Normally clients contact us for a specific project, sometimes more defined and other times just looking for innovation. The fact is that many times when working with the client, one project lead to new ones. As for our team, each member is the responsible for one of the services and the related projects. However, we work together in the different phases of the project and support each other in our daily work.

4. Where do you live and how does it influence you?

I live in Pamplona but I’m from San Sebastián (1 hour distance), so I go back most of the weekends. Both cities are small and people go to the same places, so it’s easier to keep in contact with friends and people you know; That closeness influences my sociability and relationships. Another great influence and inspiration is the sea of San Sebastian and my bike which shared my days and active life both in Pamplona and San Sebastian.

5. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

That’s a long time… but let’s dream. In the professional side, I imagine myself working in a creative and social environment surrounded by people full of energy and motivation to change peoples’ lives for the better. Personally, I don’t know where life will lead me but I’m sure I will be close to my family and friends in one way or another.


PACOER: Sara Alonso