1 – How did you know about PACO and why did you decide to participate on the first design collaborative?

I heard about PACO from my ex-flatmate, Dario, when we were both studying Design at Polimi. It was, if I remember correctly, 2013, the same year the Collaborative was born. It seemed a very interesting idea, a design collaborative, but in that period of my life I was one of the leaders of a experimental collective of designers named RUN BVS and I had also lot of projects in my mind so I just put that voice about Paco somewhere in my mind.
One year later, I tried to partecipate to PACO’s Party Project. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected to join it, but I started to be in touch more and more deeply with Paco’s projects and people. I immediately felt good and so, as you can imagine, little by little, having similar ideas, it was easy for me to become part of PACO. And I’m still happy with my choice because I found a lot of interesting human beings, first of all, and also professionals.


2 – In your opinion, what is an exemplary product and/or service and/or system in the sustainability and social innovation area?

About the same time I kept in contact with Paco’s reality, I co-founded a non-profit association in which I am actually  the president, which works on experimental projects in the educational field. Therefore, I spent enough time reading and studying innovative projects in this area and recently I discovered Civic Wise and, the italian one, Scuola Open Source, which are good examples both in social and sustainability areas. The second one is strongly connected with the first one, and both are linked to Education, which I consider the base for every future project. Without it – without Culture, you can’t innovate. That’s my point of view.


3 – What fascinates you the most about design?

Since I was at Polimi I asked myself plenty of times about what I loved the most about Design. My friends were fascinated by Photography, Video Making, 3D modelling, Typography… Classical stuff of a communication designer. Nothing of these things had caught my attention: the only thing that stimulated my mind was how people interact among each other, how communication works on our society and everyday life. I like to say that my personal motto is ‘I love People’ because it’s true: without people my life would be really boring! I think I connected this feeling with what I studied and also with my big love for Life itself, and that’s why I started a lot of project about how to design a better Life for everyone. I feel Life is an incredible gift and we need to give something back. That’s my mission as a designer and as a human being.


4 – What do you love the most and what do you hate most in your community?

As I said, I love people. It’s difficult to say what I hate… It’s funny that, at the same time I love, I also hate some kind of people… On the other hand, I know that, for example, ignorance doesn’t totally depends on a person’s capabilities. So, maybe, I could say that I dislike some behavior that people have, such as racism and every kind of discrimination, too much selfishness or unjustified pessimism.


5 – Which fantasy or real character inspires your life?

Walt Disney’s Goofy and Donald Duck because they are the classic anti-heroes.  Also Jules Verne’s character, Phileas Fogg because I like his “cold blood” and rational thoughts, and, of course, I share his passion for traveling. Fat Mike, from my favourite punk rock band NOFX; my parents; your Holiness Dalai Lama because of values he spreads all over the World… Actually, there are a lot of people if I think about it. What is important is that I try to keep the best from everyone I meet, whether in real life or fictional characters; famous or not famous people. Literally, from everyone.


PACOER: Fred Fumagalli

Proofreading: Isabella Sierra