PACO had the opportunity to take part in the 12th European Academy of Design Conference, held in Rome last April, presenting different papers and works regarding our activities in international projects like Party and The Design School for Children in Africa, or with Universities such as the Politecnico di Milano developing tools for design intensive start-up or organizing a worldwide design event.

That was a moment of pride for our group and for everyone who worked with us; since the topic of the conference was “Design for Next” and such presence was a tangible sign that what we are doing aims the construction of a better world through Design.

The following paper was one of the documents presented: it illustrates the philosophy and methods Design School for Children is developing for teaching Design Thinking and basic Service Design to kids. At the base of all actions there is the urge to build up the critical thinking capability in children, a skill as necessary as Math or other traditional school subjects when it comes to being able to face the challenges of the present.

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Authors: Fabrizio Pierandrei & Elena Marengoni

Proofreading: Isabela Sierra