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Interview with Elena Marengoni

Elena Marengoni is a Design Researcher at Frog and she is collaborating with us since 2015. Let's find out a little bit more about her! 1 - How did you know about PACO and why did you decide to participate on the first design collaborative? I found out about PACO when I was still a [...]

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We Are PARTY Project

2 countries, 3 different cities, 2 full months, 16 workshops and 100’s of people met. These are just some numbers of our mobility experience in South Africa and Namibia from April to July, but during this period we discovered much more, we have found different challenges on the way which were overcome working together with [...]

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Social Innovation Dictionary – Smart Cities

The world is always more Urban. The United Nations has estimated that between 2015 and 2050 the world population will increase by 32% (from 7,2 to 9,7 billion inhabitants), while the urban population will increase by 63% (from 3,9 to 6,3 billion inhabitants). The urban question is one of the main points to develop our [...]

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The Intersection

Milan, late afternoon in any given weekday. The traffic is intense as usual at this hour, to so many people leaving work late, commuting to their homes; we may add those who are going out to have fun somewhere. At the intersection of two important streets the traffic light is off, probably broken, it doesn't [...]

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Intervista ad Andrea Danielli

Condividiamo con voi l'intervista ad Andrea, nuovo arrivato in PACO!  1. Come hai conosciuto PACO e perché hai deciso di partecipare alla prima Design Collaborative? Ho conosciuto Paco tramite amicizie comuni del mondo maker, dove mi muovevo con l’associazione Make in Italy. Abbiamo collaborato in un progetto di hackathon sanitaria per i pazienti di artrite [...]

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Social Innovation Dictionary – What is Social Innovation?

Hello readers!! We have decided to create a section called 'Social Innovation Dictionary' to explain the most commonly used expressions in this area. Therefore, let's explain in today's dictionary the title itself: What is Social Innovation? In general, Social Innovation is developing and promoting solutions to existing problems within a society. In fact, there are many [...]

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Hi-Tech Girls

During the “STEM Month”, the MIUR (Education, University and Research Ministry) campaign to bring girls closer to technical and scientific subjects, PACO Design Collaborative together with Junior Achievement and Siemens organised Hi-Tech Girls, a workshop based on Design Thinking Methodology dedicated to girls from 7 to 12. The workshop was designed to stimulate the girls’ interest on subjects [...]

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Design Culture in School – Experiences of design workshops with children.

PACO had the opportunity to take part in the 12th European Academy of Design Conference, held in Rome last April, presenting different papers and works regarding our activities in international projects like Party and The Design School for Children in Africa, or with Universities such as the Politecnico di Milano developing tools for design intensive [...]

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Interview with Sara Alonso

The most recent PACOER to join our group is the industrial designer Sara Alonso from Pamplona, Spain. Check out this interview to know a little more about her! :) 1. How did you know about PACO and why did you decide to participate to the first design collaborative? I heard about PACO at the first [...]

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Welcome to Vitamin P!

Hello dear reader! If you got here, it's because you are interested in our work, and we are very happy for it. Well, there is nothing better to start this blog than a first article telling you a bit about our history, is there? Let's get started! How was it born? Paco was initially born [...]

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