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Social Innovation Dictionary – Social Housing

Housing provided for people on low incomes or with particular needs by government agencies or non-profit organizations. (OXFORD DICTIONARIES) The level of democracy and social equity of a country can be assessed and measured in different ways and fields, but there is one area that is probably more important than others in ensuring a good [...]

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Interview with Fred Fumagalli

1 - How did you know about PACO and why did you decide to participate on the first design collaborative? I heard about PACO from my ex-flatmate, Dario, when we were both studying Design at Polimi. It was, if I remember correctly, 2013, the same year the Collaborative was born. It seemed a very interesting idea, a [...]

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PARTY – Participatory Development With The Youth

PARTY is an international project founded by Horizon 2020 EU program and coordinated by University of Lapland in Finland. It is focused on developing cooperation throughout exchanges of professionals in the field of research and innovation in order to share knowledge with local actors in Namibia and South Africa and international aid organizations. The project [...]

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Social Innovation Dictionary – Fair Trade

noun: trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers (OXFORD DICTIONARIES). It is well known that “the richest 20 percent of the world's population consume 86 percent of the world's resources while the poorest 80 percent consume just 14 percent” (UN Development Program). [...]

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Serving you an introduction to service design

Image source: B2Bstories About two months ago while I was in Namibia for one of the PACO projects, Júlia, our blog editor, wrote me an email saying: “Hey Nicola why don’t you write a post about Service Design for mid September” and I replied “Sure …” thinking that in two months I would have certainly found [...]

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Interview with Elena Marengoni

Elena Marengoni is a Design Researcher at Frog and she is collaborating with us since 2015. Let's find out a little bit more about her! 1 - How did you know about PACO and why did you decide to participate on the first design collaborative? I found out about PACO when I was still a [...]

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We Are PARTY Project

2 countries, 3 different cities, 2 full months, 16 workshops and 100’s of people met. These are just some numbers of our mobility experience in South Africa and Namibia from April to July, but during this period we discovered much more, we have found different challenges on the way which were overcome working together with [...]

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Social Innovation Dictionary – Smart Cities

The world is always more Urban. The United Nations has estimated that between 2015 and 2050 the world population will increase by 32% (from 7,2 to 9,7 billion inhabitants), while the urban population will increase by 63% (from 3,9 to 6,3 billion inhabitants). The urban question is one of the main points to develop our [...]

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The Intersection

Milan, late afternoon in any given weekday. The traffic is intense as usual at this hour, to so many people leaving work late, commuting to their homes; we may add those who are going out to have fun somewhere. At the intersection of two important streets the traffic light is off, probably broken, it doesn't [...]

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Intervista ad Andrea Danielli

Condividiamo con voi l'intervista ad Andrea, nuovo arrivato in PACO!  1. Come hai conosciuto PACO e perché hai deciso di partecipare alla prima Design Collaborative? Ho conosciuto Paco tramite amicizie comuni del mondo maker, dove mi muovevo con l’associazione Make in Italy. Abbiamo collaborato in un progetto di hackathon sanitaria per i pazienti di artrite [...]

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